A Sustainable, Vegan & Made To Order Shoe Collection Just Launched

B_Boheme, the vegan shoe industry pioneers, has launched their first sustainable and made to order new collection after two years. The affordable luxury shoe brand is one of the few vegan shoe producers that also focus on sustainability in their materials and processes.

The new collection features dazzling flats (many with recycled sequins and crystal chain detail) and stylish yet practical sneakers. It also includes casual Chelsea boots in black or silver.

The distinctive B_Boheme styles are inspired by nature, architecture, street style and vintage.

The shoes are designed by a team of specialists in the UK and crafted in Portugal.

B_Boheme shoes are 100% vegan (even down to the glues and the processes used for making the shoes).

The materials used include polymers extracted from cereal crops (replacing crude oil) combined with viscose obtained from tree pulp and recycled polyester textile obtained from recycled bottles.

The resulting materials are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, temperature regulating and made to last.  

Sustainable and comfortable

Alicia Lai, the founder of B_Boheme, is a qualified podiatrist. Hence, the collection is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

“I founded B_Boheme to redefine the perception of vegan footwear and champion slow fashion. Vegan shoes can be fashion-forward, animal-product free and beautifully crafted.” , Alicia said.

“The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet.

Part of that is the unsustainable materials used, even in other vegan shoes, but there is also a huge amount of waste due to products not being sold.

By manufacturing the shoes only when they’re ordered, we can avoid that.

It does mean that we’ve turned our back on fast fashion, our customers have to be more patient,
but we know that most of them are as passionate about the environment as we are.”

Alicia Lai, founder B_Boheme

Every pair of shoes is made to order, ensuring sustainable production, and each pair is handcrafted for the owner. Orders take around eight weeks to deliver, but they are definitely worth the wait!

The sustainable and vegan shoe collection is only available from the B-Boheme website.

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