Baahlm! skincare, from cakes to lip balms – how the lockdown created a new vegan brand (sponsored)

Lisa Marie, founder of the vegan brand Baahlm!, was a professional cake designer for many years until the pandemic hit hard the events industry. Lisa’s work came to a hold, and then the lockdown made her thoughts for a career change a dream come true!

“You can call it fate”, she says, “but I was beginning to deliberate on a career change.”

“I had noticed that we, as the human race, were really beginning to take notice of the way our planet is suffering and are now working hard to really make a difference. I’m also a huge animal lover and I will always be passionate about supporting animal charities.”

As a creative person, Lisa decided to diversify, and vegan skincare was her first thought. Her eco-friendly mindset needed no compromises. Baahlm! products are handcrafted at her home in Scotland. Every ingredient used is natural, cruelty-free, vegan, and, wherever possible, organic.

The products come in a plastic-free packaging too.

Baahlm! vegan product range

The Hydrating Lip Balm and Soothing Lip Masks have a unique formulation process that produces a rich, creamy product rather than an oil, greasy one.

They have recently launched a Conditioning Body Balm too.

Baahlm skincare, from baking cakes to creating lip balms - how the lockdown created a new brand

Currently they are working on creating a full “superfood” facial skincare range.

Lisa says: “Judging by the feedback from our trials, this is going to be a huge hit! Broccoli seed oil, carrot seed, kale-infused apricot kernel oil, and specifically chosen natural clays are used to create a two-step balm daily facial regime to change the skincare world!”

How does Baahlm! give back?

Baahlm! have recently started a competition which they will run regularly, aiming to donate ALL their proceeds to animal charities.

We like to give back and love to know our brand is making even a small difference to the animals’ wellbeing and their protection.
Full details of our competition running at the moment can be found on our Facebook page.
This month we are raising funds for The Donkey Sanctuary.

Lisa MARIE, baahlm!
Baahlm skincare, from baking cakes to creating lip balms - how the lockdown created a new brand

What are the future plans for the brand?

What is the future of Baahlm!? Lisa says: “Well, we are hoping to reach major retailers, create more products and eventually offer our own monthly subscription gift boxes. We are also planning to do a lot more charity work and continue to make a difference.”

Where can we find the Baahlm! products?

Baahlm! vegan brand have a growing list of stockists. You can also find them included in large subscription box companies like The Vegan Kind and Freedm Street, where they enjoy fantastic reviews and feedback.

You can find more about the brand and order the products on their website ,
Facebook: and Instagram:

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