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Eco-conscious, sustainable, ethical, innovative and social driven fashion brands.

Our Ethical Fashion Directory includes brands that are eco-conscious and support their employees.
We look for credentials such as:
Fairtrade policies, Certified organic, Eco-friendly fabrics/materials, Sustainable production, other Ethical accreditations, Charitable Donations, Socially Responsible practices, Circular design, Bring back schemes, Zero-waste or Less waste practices, are certified B-Corporations, Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Where possible, there is a link to the Brands’ story as featured in this Blog, so you can make informed decisions before purchasing.

Please note that from May 2021, we charge businesses a small admin fee for researching and reviewing their credentials.
To submit your ethical fashion brand or any issues with the listings, please get in touch: hello @ greenlivinguk . org .

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GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory Categories:


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory  handbags, belts, wallets and accessories made from inner tube and other reclaimed, recycled and re-purposed materials, (Read the brand’s interview: GreenLivingUk Featured Brand ), UK

Ethical Brands Directory Superb quality men’s and women’s luxury socks, ethically and sustainably sourced made in West Sussex, England

Ethical Brands Directory handbags made of up-cycled and recycled materials, UK

Ethical Brands Directory  Ethical eyewear that gives back, UK

Ethical Brands Directory Ethical sunglasses made from up-cycling old scrap denim, made in Cornwall, UK Wyatt & Jack are a UK based sustainable brand, creating bags and accessories from salvaged bouncy castles, deckchair canvas and inflatables, since 2010.

Ethical Brands Directory From Belo are ethically sustainable designer handbags and accessory brand, UK

Ethical Brands Directory  a wide range of Handcrafted Vegan Handbags – Weekender Bags, Nano Handbags, Bucket Bags, Clutches and Wallets Online, USA (Read the brand’s interview: GreenLivingUk Featured Brand).

Ethical Brands Directory urban style vegan backpacks and accessories, UK

Ethical Brands Directory luxurious handbags ethically produced using recycled plastic bottles, UK

Ethical Brands Directory  handbags from sustainable and recycled materials, Poland

Ethical Brands Directory   vegan handbags & shoes, textured Eco Polyurethane, Womens, Mens, US

Ethical Brands Directory  sunglasses, prescription frames and watches handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, for every pair of Panda sunglasses sold, one individual in need receives a medical eye examination as well as a pair of prescription glasses for free, Women, Men, UK

Ethical Brands Directory eco friendly eyewear, glasses and sunglasses restoration service, reglazing service, every pair of glasses plants a tree. Donate your old glasses and receive store credit. Small ethical business, UK


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory organic ingredients where possible, the entire range of fragrances contain between 80% and 90% certified organic ingredients, (men, women, pets, gifts), cruelty-free & vegan alternatives to your designer brand, refillable bottles, UK

Women’s, Men’s and Children’s Fashion UK

GreenLivingUK Ethical Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory  fairtrade, organic and sustainable clothing & underwear (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory award-winning ethical fashion work-wear stylish clothes sizes 6 to 26, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory organic, sustainable, vegan and fair-trade clothing (women, men, accessories, gifts), UK

Ethical Brands Directory ethical clothing, outwear, shoes, accessories and fabrics, sizes 6 to 26, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory simple, minimalistic designs, handmade, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory easy to wear, fuss-free and well-made clothing, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory they design and create contemporary clothing that is 100% ethically produced and celebrates traditional artisan skills – whilst using the best quality natural fibres and environmentally friendly processes.

Ethical Brands Directory 10% of every sale they make directly support women empowerment projects in rural India, ethical, sustainable and transparent fashion brand, (women, men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory eco-conscious clothing for the outdoors (men, women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory ethical, sustainable design by using reclaimed materials made in Bristol (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory organic & ethical luxury fashion,  (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory eco-friendly, unisex clothing (children and adults), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  British fashion designer, known for reworking surplus fabrics (menswear, womenswear and accessories), UK

Ethical Brands Directory quality, stylish clothes with adapted designs and hidden extras that make self-dressing easier for those with dressing difficulties, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  a female-owned business, with the main aim of empowering women creating eco-friendly clothes using water-based inks, (women, children), UK

Ethical Brands Directory a unique, ethical, hand painted clothing brand, hosting art therapy workshops for mental health, (women, men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory fairtrade jewellery and clothing (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory ethical and sustainable baby, children, maternity fashion & marketplace, UK

Women’s, Men’s and Children’s fashion (NON UK based brands that deliver in the UK)

GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory  organic cotton clothes (women, men, children), Denmark

Ethical Brands Directory  a sustainable fashion brand , B- corporation. Trendy clothing, sportswear, yoga, shoes & accessories. (women, men, children), SPAIN

Ethical Brands Directory zero waste and fairtrade fashion (women ), US

Ethical Brands Directory eco materials clothing brand – every purchase supports adults with disabilities (women and men), US

Ethical Brands Directory organic clothing, GOTS certified and non-animal ingredients, textile innovations such as Tencel by Lenzing, (women), Germany

Ethical Brands Directory they make healthy clothing from organic, natural fibres and avoiding using synthetic dyes and toxic chemicals that could absorb into your skin and cause health issues (women), CA

Ethical Brands Directory sustainable and sophisticated fashion brand (women), Netherlands

Ethical Brands Directory a German-Indian social enterprise empowering Indian women through the production of fair fashion, Germany


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory   sustainable jeans, vegan, ethically made (women, men), Netherlands

Ethical Brands Directory ethically made and organic jeans (women and men), Netherlands

Ethical Brands Directory sustainably made jeans  supports the circular economy (lease a jeans scheme), also get a discount for your next pair if you return your old jeans to them, (women and men), Netherlands

Ethical Brands Directory London’s craft jean maker for 50 years (men, women), UK

Online stores with multiple brands

GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory organic and ethical fashion brand, clothing, accessories, skincare, bags, shoes, jewellery, underwear, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  organic and ethical clothes (women, men, children, accessories, home, gifts), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  fairtrade and organic clothing (women, men and baby), US

Ethical Brands Directory  mi apparel brings you a collection of effortlessly cool sustainable fashion, natural organic beauty & ethical homeware for your conscious lifestyle, (women, home), UK

Ethical Brands Directory A vegan, fair, and ethical online department store for womenswear, menswear, children, babies, homeware and cosmetics based in Holland but deliver to the UK, (Read the brand’s interview: GreenLivingUK featured brand) Holland

Ethical Brands Directory online boutique full of gorgeous high-end vegan and sustainable designs,  (women and men), ( Read the brand’s interview: GreenLivingUK Ethical Style), not yet delivering in Europe, USA


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory vegan shoes sustainably made (women and men), (GreenLivingUk Featured Brand)  UK

Ethical Brands Directory vegan shoes (women and men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory hand-made designer vegan shoes (women, men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  ethically made vegan shoes (women, men, children), UK

Ethical Brands Directory ethical shoe brand, (women, men, kids), UK

Ethical Brands Directory with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One® shoes and sunglasses, (women and men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory ethically made shoes (men, women, kids, vegan), FR


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory organic underwear (women and men), UK

Ethical Brands Directory lingerie and swimwear made from reclaimed fabrics, bra size range: 28A-36E, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory  made from 100% Fairtrade & GOTS certified organic cotton & vegan. Sustainably sourced. They donate two pairs for every pair you purchase, (women and men), ( GreenLivingUk Featured Brand )UK

Ethical Brands Directory Modibodi™ uses high quality, tech-savvy fabrics and the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres stain resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, (women & teens), UK

Ethical Brands Directory fairtrade and organic underwear (women and men), AUS

Ethical Brands Directory  WUKA period pants replace tampons, pads and menstrual cups. Absorb 4 tampons worth of blood. Machine washable · Moisture-Wicking · High waist · Menstruation proof knickers. Made with eco-friendly fabrics to be kind to your body and always leak-free, (women), UK

Ethical Brands Directory underwear that can be worn during menstruation as a substitute or a supplement to traditional feminine hygiene products (women), US


GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

RubyMoon creates their designs from ocean plastics. They are a not-for-profit swim and activewear brand. They donate 100% of their profit into micro loans for women entrepreneurs globally. PETA-Approved Vegan | Oeko-Tex certified | Eco-friendly fabrics/materials | Sustainable and ethical production | Not-for-profit Social Enterprise | Socially Responsible practices | Circular design | Bring back schemes | Zero-waste approach to business | Their products are Certified to use 42% fewer carbon emissions when compared with similar products.
They ship internationally. (Women) Based in Brighton, UK

Second – Hand Online Shops

GreenLivingUK Ethical Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directory buy, sell and discover the most inspiring and unique things

Ethical Brands Directory , choose from 100,000+ donated and new products or buy a loved one a fun and quirky charity gift from Oxfam Unwrapped

Ethical Brands Directory , buy and sell high-street fashion

Ethical Brands Directory , buy and sell luxury brands

Ethical Brands Directory second-hand designer clothes

Ethical Brands Directory is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies

Ethical Brands Directory online thrift shop, US

Rent Fashion Online

GreenLivingUK Ethical Fashion Brands Directory

Ethical Brands Directroy If you own designer clothes you can rent your wardrobe on hurrcollective. Upload photos of your items, set the rental price and location. They also offer amazing designer outfits for renting, UK

Ethical Brands Directory rotating wardrobe the UK’s leading fashion rental app

Ethical Brands Directory whether you’re looking for occasion or everyday wear, bags or accessories, on MWHQ you can rent pieces from 500+ designers and you can buy with them too, UK

Ethical Brands Directory rent clothes from brands you love, UK

Ethical Brands Directory   hire dresses for any occasion

Ethical Brands Directory hire high quality outfits and accessories.

Ethical Brands Directory  simple process, great outfits for hire.

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