Celebrating the World Vegan Day on the 1st of November

In 1994 and fifty years after the founding of The Vegan SocietyLouise Wallis โ€“ who was Chair of the organisation, proposed November the 1st as a day for the vegan movement’s celebration. What’s more, the day would also be an opportunity to pay tribute to the Vegan Society’s founding members, who established the institution in November 1944.

According to The Vegan Society’s records, towards the end of World War Two, Donald Watson, Elsie Shrigley and four others met at the Attic Club in Holborn, London to discuss the founding of a new organisation. Donald Watson came up with its name after deriving the first three and last two letters from the word ‘vegetarian’, and so ‘The Vegan Society’ was created!

The day is the perfect opportunity for vegans to showcase the lifestyle and perhaps inspire more people to adopt a plant-based diet and a cruelty-free living. It subsequently marks the start of the World Vegan Month – a month full of online and offline events, workshops, cooking demos, markets, and more.

A few things to do on the World Vegan Day:

  • You can take the challenge and go vegan for seven days by signing up for Viva!โ€™s 7 Day Vegan recipe plans.
  • Join Animal Justice Project on Facebook for five hours of activism discussions, sanctuary stories, a big raffle and a secret action that will be revealed on the day.
  • Support vegan businesses on the World Vegan Month Virtual Market on Facebook.
  • Join Viva!โ€™s live premier of their ‘End of Factory Farming’ short film and discussion, (see below):
  • Check out the free event below about the benefits of plant-based diets:
  • Another online event is the 3-day India’s first virtual networking which will be running from the 30th of October to the 1st of November 2020, (see below).
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A first of it’s kind, Compassion magazine (Indiaโ€™s first print publication on veganism) is organising a 3-day virtual networking event with 40+ speakers and a 100 exhibitors from all over India, from 30 October โ€“ 1 November 2020.๐ŸŒŸ Overall, we’re excited! It’s a brave, new idea of bringing together people from all over the world to discuss important issues and also have some fun! ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒˆ Grab your seat and get ready for an exciting virtual World Vegan Day! For more details on the speakers and exhibitors, please click on the link in bioโ˜ or visit www.blog.theecotrunk.com ————— Link : https://blog.theecotrunk.com/indias-first-global-vegan-business-expo-2020/ #WorldVeganDay #VeganEvent

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I think the words of the late Donald Watson in his fascinating interview by George D Rodger on December 2002 for The Vegan Society sums up what the day, the month, and the future can look like in a vegan world:

“I doubt if anyone really knows how our digestion works. They might think they know, but the whole thing is so wonderful, that food can be converted into flesh and blood, bone and hair, as well as energy, mental processes, and even into spiritual enlightenment, that science has hardly got round to accepting as a possibility. We don’t know the spiritual advancements that long term veganism – I mean not over years or even decades, but over generations, would have on human life. It would be certainly a different civilisation, and the first one in the whole of our history that would truly deserve the title of being a civilisation. Full stop.”

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You can find more about Louise Wallis, the foundress of World Vegan Day here: www.louisewallis.net and www.mindbodyzone.co.uk

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