Featured Brand: Jyoti – Fair Works a social enterprise committed to fair fashion

Jyoti – Fair Works is a German-Indian social enterprise empowering women through the production of fair fashion. Committed to fairness, transparency & humanity.

In their sewing workshop in the southern Indian town of Chittapur, they work together with their cooperation partner, the NGO Jyothi Seva Kendra, they employ socially disadvantaged women as seamstresses and offer them a permanent employment, various training opportunities, regular disease screening and a fair salary.

Along their entire production chain, they also work exclusively with small family businesses and cooperatives. In traditional technique, they weave and print all their fabrics lovingly by hand.

The German team sits in a co-working space in Neukölln, Berlin, when they are not introducing new cuts in Chittapur or traveling along their production chain in India.

JEANINE is the founder, CEO, and communication hub between their teams in India and Berlin. In her work, she appreciates this personal exchange and the inspiration that she can draw from it. With her background in labor rights and trade union organisation, she is not only concerned with the steady improvement of their own production, but also with the research that addressing the problems of conventional textile production as a whole. Her main concern is therefore to pass on her experiences through workshops and lectures – at elementary schools, universities or at public events.

You can find more about Jyoti – Fair Works on their website: https://jyoti-fairworks.org and on social media. The images are courtesy of jyoti-fairworks.org . (not a sponsored post).

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