Featured Brand: NerdDNA, sustainable experiences that promote healthier ways of living

Gina Williams founded the NerdDNA back in 2012 with the view to raise awareness on sustainable lifestyle alternatives including fashion, home, eating and more. “NerdDNA is a platform of fun and engaging experiences based on sustainable topics” says Gina Williams on what NerdDNA is all about.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and how you came up with this business idea?

Informed people are powerful people. Studies show decisions are largely emotional. We are responsible for what we know, Though sharing facts is fun and interesting to some, it can be boring to others. This leads to avoidance which doesn’t promote change. The goal is to invoke as much change as possible, with as much help as possible. I figured the best way to do this is with some good old fun. As a nerd and lover of all living things I take practical information and repackage them into fun analogies and experiences that make them easier to grasp. These events cover topics on self-sustainability, the environment, and social justice. I realize you can’t take care of the environment, or others without first taking care of yourself.

What’s in the NerdDNA name?

Nerd DNA is the idea that everything you need to know is already in us. Our different environments determine how much we unlock. We are born knowing all. This supreme knowledge is embedded into our DNA, So technically we are all Nerds.

What kind of experiences you offer?

I wanted to align fomoworthy activities, (Fomo = Fear of Missing Out – the idea is to create experiences the people would NEVER want to miss), with a health related or environmental topic. I offer 3 Tours and 3 workshops that are based on creativity but give guests a foundational idea on how to practice sustainability while expressing themselves

Why sustainable experiences and what does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainable experiences because I found it hard to address a lot of these topics without others feeling uncomfortable or fearful. I wanted to create a comfortable environment where one can have open dialogue while having some fun, and creating tangible, memorable, and sustainable. Experiences are what life’s about. As long as we are living, we are learning.

Sustainability is the balance between financial, social, and environmental. For example; soap helps contribute to plastic waste. In an environment already polluted by plastic, choosing a bar of soap over a plastic bottle is a better option for the planet. The ingredients in your soap equally matter because your skin is your largest and fastest-growing organ. We chat about both topics while having some fun.

What drives the consumer demand for green brands like NerdDNA and the rise in the lifestyle experiences industry in general?

The impulse to engage in human experience, while coming together to make a difference. 
Decisions, whether conscious or subconscious, are often motivated by social pressure. This phenomenon perpetuates as we consume other’s experiences and are forced to constantly compare and keep up. For better or worse we now have more millennials spending on experiences then products.

What makes the brand to stand out from the competition?

Choosing rare platforms of knowledge-based arts to spark a thought for impactful change. We love to learn knowledge, so let’s use it to change the environment.

Are there any challenges you face with regards to getting more people to join the NerdDNA experiences?

Yes, the main one being how unique and specific the experiences are they cater to a particular demographic, I’m always unsure about how many individuals I will actually reach, how many will be interested. How can I manipulate the space creatively to attract different types of individuals? Getting unfamiliar people interested in sustainability is quite challenging, and it requires a lot of trial and error with different ideas. Another is reaching like-minded creators for collaboration. I’ve been trying to find similar creatives and entrepreneurs to partner with, in hopes to reach their audience. One of my biggest challenges is finding the help to get all of these different tasks done while finding the time to make money to continuously fund this passion.

Where do you see NerdDNA in the future?

A thought leader in discussions about better ways to practice sustainability, and a hub for organizing action on attacking major environmental and social issues.

You can find more about NerdDNA on their website:

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