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GreenLivingUK, in collaboration with Greek Appetite, proudly supports this 5-day vegan cooking challenge!

Mary and Pelagia Komni, two Greek sisters, are the vegan blog creators of Greek Appetite.

To celebrate Veganuary (a month-long challenge to try vegan food in January), they put together a Free 5-Day Challenge for you to Create Balanced Vegan Meals.

The challenge starts on January 10th!

Veganism has grown into a popular lifestyle choice for many reasons:

  • The revelations about the cruelties in the animal farming industry.
  • The environmental impact of raising animals for food.
  • The vegan diet’s health benefits.

Whether you are already a vegan or just starting and feel confused about the vegan lifestyle, you will learn a lot from this free event.

The content consists of short pre-recorded videos and a private community to engage with the other members during the Challenge week.

Go here and sign up to reserve your free seat!

Free 5-day challenge:

When: January 10th to 14th, 2022
Where: In a private Facebook group

To find out the Best Tips To Successfully Becoming Vegan read our blog post here.

Greek Appetite-Free 5-Day Challenge. Get started with your free 5-day vegan meals challenge, now.

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