Get them growing with a Plant Growing Kit, an eco-friendly and plastic-free gift idea

A plant growing kit can be the perfect choice if you are looking for low impact, eco-friendly giveaway gifts for children’s parties, weddings or other events.

Whether you have a vegetable patch with space for new seeds or a window sill calling out for a herb planter, you will always find something to sow and grow.

Plants like herbs, lettuce, kale, spring onions and cress can grow in small containers.

They are easy to grow indoors so the bedroom windowsill can be a perfect place to green up even if outdoor space is limited.

Vegetable like tomatoes, broccoli and chantenay carrots, for example, can grow in pots in the kitchen.

How children can benefit from growing their own food

The plant growing kits are perfect for getting the children to explore the process of food production.

As they monitor their little shoots growing into healthy plants – who knows -maybe they will want to eat them too!

Gardening helps children to develop their senses as they can feel the texture of soil, seeds and leaves.

Watching the plants grow, and looking after them teaches children patience and responsibility.

Children can also develop a sense of achievement knowing they are eating food they have grown themselves.

Plant seeds for the future

Get them growing with a Plant Growing Kit, an eco-friendly and plastic-free gift idea

Plant growing kit as a wedding / event give away

A plant growing kit can also be an excellent way to get wedding guests personally involved.

For example, you can provide them with seeds of the flowers used to make the bride’s bouquet. Alternatively, you may include in the kit seeds with foliage that matches the event’s colour theme.

It is a great way to get your guests start a conversation about how to live more sustainably.

There is no better way to get them to incorporate fresh homegrown greens in their diet and reap the health benefits too.

A plant growing kit is a gift that can definitely stand the test of time and benefit the person receiving it in many different ways.

Who knows, you may help to create a future innovative gardener, botanist or food grower!

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