Is Vegan Food Good For Your Health?

Is Vegan Good For Your Health?

Are you vegan – or have you considered going vegan? How do you know whether Vegan food is good for you*?
There are lots of bad vegan health stories floating around.

Some people lose hair on a vegan diet. Others feel tired. Some claim feeling brain foggy.

So you’re probably wondering: is vegan good for your health?
Well, partly.
Let’s dive in!

Is Vegan Good For Your Health?

Is vegan good for your health?

Not necessarily!
Just because a food is vegan doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

Processed vegan foods are just as bad for you as non-vegan processed foods.
They tend to contain lots of refined ingredients like saturated fat, trans fat, salt and sugar.

Too much-processed food high in fat can lead to weight gain, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease – even if you’re vegan.
Actually, there are several problems with vegan diets you should be aware of.

But whole-food fats like nuts, seeds and avocados are much healthier because they contain omega fatty acids, fibres and loads of other nutrients.

So, here are 7 ways whole food vegan is good for your health.

1. Diabetes

Is vegan food good for diabetes?

Yes! As long as it’s a whole food vegan diet.
Processed vegan foods contain as much sugar and refined carbohydrates as a non-vegan diet.

But there are plenty of reasons a plant-based diet is good for diabetes.

Plus, a vegan diet provides less bioavailable iron – which sounds bad at first, but…

Diabetes is associated with high iron stores. So a vegan diet lower in iron can actually be good for diabetes and your health in some cases.

2. High cholesterol

We all know high cholesterol levels aren’t good. But how high is too high?

If you are prone to high cholesterol (some people have bad genes), guess what?

The best foods low in cholesterol are all… vegan! (Well, plant-based.)
Not only that…
There are also certain vegan foods that actively lower your cholesterol levels. They do this by blocking cholesterol absorption or breaking down the cholesterol in your body.

Is Vegan Good For Your Health?

3. Dementia

Dementia is now one of the leading causes of death in the UK – especially among women.

You’re especially at risk if you have the Alzheimer’s gene.

One of the best things to reduce your risk of dementia is to eat more colourful plant-based foods.
These foods reduce oxidative damage in your brain.
Not only that…
Your brain needs lots of healthy fats to function correctly.

So if you’re at risk of dementia, vegan is good for your health because the healthiest fats are plant-based.

Try eating the healthiest nuts every day to improve your brain health.

4. Weight loss

This happens time and time again…
A vegan diet comes out tops for sustainable weight loss.

As we all know, being overweight is the biggest risk factor for most health conditions.
So this is really important.

A vegan diet is better than keto for weight loss.
It’s even better than “dieting” and fasting diets like the 5:2 diet for long-term weight loss.

Is Vegan Good For Your Health?

5. Allergies & Sensitivities

Some allergies can be improved by changing your diet.
Three guesses for what sort of diet can probably help the most…

Yes! A vegan diet provides the most anti-inflammatory foods, which can improve allergy symptoms such as hay fever and even improve heartburn.

If you suffer from migraines, a healthy vegan diet tends to contain fewer migraine triggers too.
And, of course, a vegan diet can help with lactose intolerance too.

Is Vegan Good For Your Health?

6. Fitness and cardiovascular

Many people notice an improvement in their cardiovascular health when they go vegan.

It makes perfect sense because a vegan diet tends to be higher in anti-inflammatory foods, speeding up muscle recovery.

This leads to better performance and improved fitness.

7. Mental health

Finally, is vegan good for your mental health?
A vegan diet is high in the best foods for fighting depression.

All the foods good for reducing anxiety are plant-based, too.

Plus, those on a vegan diet tend to supplement more nutrients essential for brain health and mood.
(And one of my favourite foods for mental health is vegan in its healthy version…)

To sum up

Is vegan food good for your health?

Not always, but if it’s a whole food plant-based vegan diet – then yes.

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Written by Ellie Busby, Founder of Vojo Health

*Always do your own research and talk to your doctor / a dietitian or a plant-based nutritionist for advice based on your individual needs before you change your diet.

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