New course on how to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your life

Carbon expert Mukti Mitchell, presents a ground-breaking new course to provide simple tools anyone can use to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their life.

The Carbon Ambassadors online course will be running for seven weeks, on Friday mornings from 9am to 11am, starting on May the 28th to July the 9th 2021.

This course is perfect for sustainability managers, councillors on climate change committees, MPs, and students.

Equally ideal for decision-makers on carbon reductions in any industry.

It offers a wealth of information for individuals with a deeper interest in environmental issues.

Moreover, it is a learning opportunity for everyone who wants to know more about carbon footprint, make effective decisions, as well as advise others.

Mukti Mitchell has 25 years experience in low carbon living.

In 2007 he sailed around Britain in an eco-micro yacht to promote his message that reducing your carbon footprint improves your quality of life.

His tour reached an audience of 10 million people.

Mukti will be the course leader along with six more guest speakers – renowned environmentalists such as Satish Kumar, author of Elegant Simplicity, Penney Poyzer, BBC TV presenter of No Waste like Home.

Also, Peter Owen Jones BBC TV presenter of Extreme Pilgrim, Nic Marks, creator of The Happy Planet Index, and Jonathan Smith who co-developed the concept the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit.

Carbon expert Mukti Mitchell on his bicycle in the countryside. New course on reducing your carbon footprint.
Mukti Mitchell

What will you learn

You will learn how you can reduce emissions in all key areas of life, including food, shopping, transport, heating your home, holidays and travel.

What the course will cover:

  • How the carbon cycle works.
  • The global, national and local picture and how Contraction & Convergence links these.
  • What are the key elements of the UK’s carbon footprint and the easiest and fastest ways to reduce it?
  • How saving CO2 makes us most happy, according to psychologists.

In addition, you will find out about the cutting-edge Carbon Calculators developed by Carbon Savvy. They allow you to monitor your carbon footprint as it changes over time and offer tailored recommendations for reducing it.

“Switching my mindset from ‘I’m not doing enough’ to ‘this will make a difference’ has a really powerful impact, and it’s all thanks to this course!”

Annie Lewis, Participant

The seven week course costs £79.00, or you can choose to attend any single sessions for £15.00. It is held in association with Carbon Savvy and the Resurgence Trust.

Participants who attend all the sessions will receive a certificate.

For more information and to book your place on the Carbon Ambassadors course visit:

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