New reusable Christmas gift wrap made from 100% waste plastic bottles

Wrag Wrap is a Devon based company owned by two women Nicky and Louise who aim to revolutionize the gift wrapping market! In a bid to tackle plastic waste their new range is made from 100% recycled (traceable) plastic bottle waste and they are now rolling out their new prints ready for the 2019 festive season.  

With only a fraction of the plastic ever produced being recycled, the majority is destined for landfill, or even ends up in our oceans. Each of Wrag Wrap’s new Reversible Crackle Wraps is made from just over 12 recycled plastic bottles. The waste plastic used is fully traceable Rpet. 

As each wrap is a completely reusable and durable product, Wrag Wrap estimate that one wrap could save over 1000 meters of traditional single-use gift wrap in it’s lifetime*. 

(*assumes an average of 8 presents a year)

Eleven New Designs for A/W ’19 

The new collection consists of 10 new individual double-sided designs. The wraps are reversible with a festive print on one side and a design for all occasions on the other.

These designs are supported by an underlying theme, each of which has a distinct backstory. These range from ‘Guilt-Free Glitter’ to ‘Threats To Humanity’

The eleventh design supports the recent climate strikes and uses climate scientist, Ed Hawkin’s Warming Stripes graphics. The design shows a series of coloured stripes, chronologically ordered, to visually portray long term temperature trends, (it shows the annual global temperatures from 1850 to 2017).
All profits from the sale of this product will go to climate charities. 

A few words on the product itself: The Reversible Crackle Wrap

Wrag Wrap creates reusable fabric gift wrap, designed to be reused again and again over generations of wrapping gifts.
Each sheet of Reversible Crackle Wrap is double-sided with a print on both sides and includes its own tie and fastener – it is cleverly designed to include everything you need to create a wrapped gift to be proud of. What’s more, the recipient will experience excitement and anticipation when they easily unwrap their gift, as this sheet crackles and rustles just like paper. 
Using a sheet of Reversible Crackle Wrap, will not only reduce Christmas waste but also helps to recycle waste too, as the fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles 
(note: the crackle part is made from 100% biodegradable cellulose). 

People are increasingly rejecting products that are single-use. Our gift wrap is designed to be reused for a lifetime and allows our customers to indulge in the tradition and celebration of giving gifts, whilst not creating any more unnecessary waste and helping tackle our global plastic waste problem. These new prints are designed to revel in the act of giving and receiving gifts and the joy that the tradition spreads

Wrag Wrap co-founder Nicky

Gift Wrap and the Circular Economy

Wrag Wrap’s reusable gift wrap supports and contributes to the idea of a circular economy. The company aims to drive change within the gift wrapping industry from making, using and disposing, to a process which removes the need for virgin and single-use base materials.

Wrag Wrap’s products achieve this by:

  • Using Recycled Materials – All fabric is made from 100% traceable recycled plastic bottles (Rpet).
  • Designing & Creating a Reusable Product – Each gift wrap is designed to be long-lasting and can be reused time and time again. Every Wrag Wrap that is sold, will spend it’s life reducing the need for both single-use wrapping paper and single-use sticky tape.
  • Refurbish and Regenerate – At the end of their life, Wrag Wrap will take products back for refurbishment. If they have gone past the point of repair, they will be recycled by a textile recycling partner.

Gift Wrap Facts

Every year in the UK, over 100 million rolls of wrapping paper are thrown away, enough to reach the moon, that’s along with its accompanying sticky tape. At Christmas time alone, on average a roll and a half of sticky tape will be used per household. 

Reusing your gift wrap allows memories to travel with it. Memories of previous celebrations, family gatherings and presents given. This nostalgia makes the wrap more treasured over time

Wrag Wrap co-founder Louise

Unfortunately, wrapping paper sent for recycling is often coated in glitter, plastic or tape and therefore can never be recycled. 

The majority of the 8 billion metric tons of plastic has been created since the 1950’s still exits. 

Continuously recycling plastic is not always the answer, as it can only be recycled up to 9 times before degrading. Wrag Wrap recycle it once, and then our products get used for a lifetime.

Louise and Nicky from Wrag Wrap


About Wrag Warp: For Louise and Nicky it all began one Christmas back in 2011. When faced with the now customary pile of rubbish bags full of non-recyclable wrapping paper, destined for landfill, they decided something had to be done.
This moment of inspiration set them on course to create a range of eco fabric wrapping products that, through good design and tailoring, would be intuitively easier and quicker than paper, whilst still being a beautiful way to present any gift.

You can find Wrag Wrap products here:
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