The benefits of minimalism

With a strategy of “less is more” as it pertains to material things, ultimately, the goal of decluttering spaces and areas would be minimalism.
Minimalism has a lot of benefits, and it can have a powerful impact on our life. For example, being surrounded by a minimalist and simple wardrobe or a sparsely decorated space makes me, personally, aware of what matters to me the most – it helps me having a ‘clear mind.’

Life seems to have more meaning for me when I have more space to think, more time to dedicate to building relationships, and create experiences that will bring me value every day.

The media constantly bombard us with messages about having more material things, working longer hours to earn more money to buy more clothes, more gadgets, more accessories, more and more. One wonders, though, why should we always strive to increase our wealth? Why is it that money is never enough?

There is a sense of freedom to discover when we are not distracted by shopping websites or shops in an endless pursuit of acquiring things.

Recent studies have demonstrated that clutter can have a negative effect on stress, life satisfaction, physical health, and cognition. When we think of decluttering, we picture cleaner spaces and fewer things, and what’s more, have you ever thought that minimalism can be the solution to climate change?

In her book “This Changes Everything,” social activist Naomi Klein makes an important contribution to the discussion of strategy and tactics for climate action. She clearly thinks that the answer to climate change is to consume less.

We live in an economic system that fetishizes GDP growth above all else – regardless of the human or ecological consequences, while failing to place value on the things that most of us cherish above all: a decent standard of living, a measure of future security and the relationships with one another!
Changing the earth’s climate in ways that would be chaotic and disastrous, is easier to accept, than the prospect of changing the fundamental growth-based profit seeking logic of capitalism.
What can we do? What doesn’t require a technological and infrastructural revolution? to consume less – right away!

Naomi Klein

If we don’t start from ourselves, if we don’t see our own value and begin to appreciate who we are, we won’t be able to see further, and we will end up wasting our life working every day, owning stuff that eventually we’ll leave behind!

Minimalism is not about deprivation; it is about choosing carefully what we bring into our lives and homes. It is a way of letting go of what hinders our lives, which keeps us from recognizing our true worth. “Not that you should own nothing, but that nothing should own you

Are you planning to commit to a more minimalist lifestyle? What would this life look like for you?
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