Which clothing materials are NOT vegan? Creating a cruelty – free wardrobe

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Vegan Fashion is a term that describes garments made from materials that are not sourced from animals, like skin or fur or are not being part of animals’ bodies (either farmed or exotic).

Many people today still believe that skin and fur are “by-product” materials of the meat industry.

According to the International Fur Trade Federation, 85% of fur skin comes directly from factory farming.

On top of that, more than a billion animals are killed exclusively for their skin every year and processed into raw materials overseas.

Therefore, choosing Vegan Fashion is a positive step towards protecting the animals’ fundamental rights, the industry’s workers, and conserving the planet.

Here is a list of the most common clothing materials that come from animals and their vegan alternatives to create a cruelty – free wardrobe.

Gabriela V neck Jumper by People Tree. Which clothing materials are NOT vegan? Creating a cruelty - free wardrobe
Gabriela V neck Jumper by People Tree 100% cotton

Non vegan clothing materials

Wool and feltLeather and suedeCashmere, angora, pashmina, and mohair
FurFeathers and downSilk
Animal-derived materials

Other non vegan materials:

  • Glue in shoes and handbags is often made from animal ingredients.
  • Ink in some textile dyes contains animal byproducts.
  • Screen-printing and silk-screening emulsion used to print T-shirts usually contains gelatin.
  • Mother of pearl and horn. These materials are sometimes used for the production of buttons, jewellery, combs, and handbag hardware.
  • Animal substances in cosmetics: Fur in makeup brushes & eyelash extensions.
woman in peach color and red floral sweatshirt holding gray jacket. Which clothing materials are NOT vegan? What to shop for a cruelty - free wardrobe
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What are the vegan alternatives in fashion?

Recycled polyester and nylonLyocell/TencelBamboo
Modal made from sustainable wood pulpEcoVeroMonocel
Triacetate (wood silk)Biodegradable bioplastic (made from sugar cane)
Cruelty – free clothing materials

Other cruelty-free clothing materials

There is wool-free knitwear available, a well as flowy silk-like clothes.

Like so, plant-based fabrics, synthetic felt, artificial feathers and plant-based down.

There are also cruelty-free and chemical-free options available for all kinds of cosmetics, beauty, makeup and personal care products.

Makeup brushes and false eyelashes can also be found in high-quality synthetic variants and are totally cruelty-free.

You can read about why wool is not vegan here.

Corinne Jumper by People Tree 100% Cotton. Which clothing materials are NOT vegan? Creating a cruelty - free wardrobe
Corinne Jumper by People Tree 100% Cotton

Where can you buy cruelty-free fashion?

Everywhere. Most brands cater for conscious customers and offer cruelty-free clothing.

For shopping inspo, check out our Ethical Brands Fashion Directory.

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